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If you are on this site, you probably like to read. And since you are on this page, I am confident you have favourite fiction authors. I face the same dilemma you do: Too many good books and not enough time.  Then, add to that the fact books can be expensive. How does one balance it all?  I hope Heaven has a Reading Room!  Sometimes it feels like I might need eternity to get through my reading wish list.

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I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and only reading it once.  C.S. Lewis

It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one til you have read an old one in between.  C.S. Lewis

I know how C.S. Lewis felt.  The good books, especially fiction books, deserve to be read more than once.  There was a time in my life when I read through the Chronicles Of Narnia every year.

I like physical books but am training myself to read digital books.  The advantage of digital books is that I can carry my library with me, and they tend to be less expensive.  Personally, I use Kindle, although there are some non-fiction books I buy which are downloadable PDFs.  I still have several hundred printed books - fiction and non-fiction - so I haven't broken my addiction completely.  Do you prefer digital or print?  [If you leave a favourite fiction author or book review below, you can mention your preference in your review.]

I will share some of my favourite fiction authors on this page.  Some are famous, and I am sure you have heard of them and have probably read some of their books.  Others you may not have heard of, but check them out!  Then you will have a chance to share your own favourite authors or books with me and the visitors to this site.  Let us know who you like and why.

Each author's name will link to a page about their books.  [Any that don't link now are under construction and will link in the future.] I have put them alphabetically.  Some of these authors write both fiction and non-fiction and are linked to from both this Favourite Fiction Author's page and from the Favourite Non-Fiction Author's page.

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.  C.S. Lewis

Favourite Fiction Authors

Barritt, Christy - Batson, Wayne Thomas

Callaghan, Hope - Christie, Agatha - Collins, Suzanne - 

Enid, Blyton

Dylan, Rachel

Henderson, Dee - 

Lawhead, Stephen R. - Lewis, C.S.

MacDonald, George

Parshall, Craig

Stevenson, Robert Louis - 

White, John -

Note:  Your book reviews do not have to be exclusively Christian books; however, they must be 'family friendly in that they contain no profanity or explicit violence/sex scenes.  And, yes, you can write a review on a book/author in my favourites list.  I would love to have your perspective!  

Note II: If you write a review and do not hear from me within 48 hours, please resubmit or email me via the contact button.  Thank you.

What Is The Most Thrilliing Book You Have Ever Read?

You love to read. So do we. I would be excited to learn about your favourite book. Who wrote? What is it about? Why did you find it so moving? Are there more books in the series? Please don't keep me in the dark! Visitors to this site are looking for good books too. Let us know!

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