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Expert Witness by Rachel Dylan

Expert Witness is another fast-paced winner from Rachel Dylan. From the first chapter to the last one, the action, betrayal and surprises never stop. You will not want to put this book down once you’ve started.

Sydney Berry is a forensic artist set to testify in a murder trial. The prosecuting attorney is depending on her expert testimony to put a murderer behind bars. As she is leaving the courthouse on the day before her critical testimony, she is approached by US Marshall Max Preston. He believes her life may be in danger as he suspects a connection between the accused and the vicious East River gang. His hunch is proved correct when, as they are talking, a drive-by shooting targets Sydney. The action takes off from there as they race to a safe house but can’t seem to shake their adversaries.

Sydney is reluctant to have her life disrupted by entering Witness Protection, but that decision is put off until after the trial. However, getting Sydney into the courtroom to testify is a trial in itself, as the villains keep constant pressure on the Marshalls. Death is only a step away, and no one is to be trusted when it is learned that the East River gang has a mole inside the Marshalls. Max Preston must think outside the box and risk his job and his life to keep Sydney safe, all the while trying to ignore his growing feelings for her.

I like Rachel Dylan’s suspenseful writing style. As a person who has practiced law for over fifteen years and has been a litigator in a top law firm, she is very familiar with the American legal system. She writes both legal thrillers and romantic suspense. Expert Witness, even though it involves the courtroom, is in the romantic suspense genre. If that is the style of book you like, I am sure you will enjoy this one!

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