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The Learn To Read Sitemap lists all the articles related to our reading program.  It is not the sitemap for the entire Glenn Davis Books website.  [Note: If you are a writer, check out our Best Writing Resources page.]


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Are Dolch Word Lists Necessary?

Does The Letter "C" Have A Purpose?

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How Many Sounds Does "A" Make? - Take a guess before you peek!  You may be surprised.

How To Fail at Spelling

I Before E Except After C?

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What Is A Reading Strategy?

What Is Effective Reading Instruction or Why Dick And Jane Can't Read

What Is The Best Age To Teach Reading To Your Child?

Why Do Girls Read Better Than Boys?

Why Is Reading Important?

Why Use Phonics?

Word Origins And Interesting Facts

Recent Articles

  1. Bell Mountain by Lee Duigon

    Feb 21, 24 01:20 PM

    Bell Mountain by Lee Duigon Bell Mountain is a Christian fictional fantasy. Jack lives a a small town with his uncaring uncle. He begins to have dreams

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  2. The Sleuth’s Miscalculation

    Feb 21, 24 01:16 PM

    Nancy Daley is a librarian in the small town of Tipton, Oregon. Her mother is the county sheriff as well as the contracted law enforcement for Tipton.

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  3. Shattered Whispers by Christy Barritt

    Feb 21, 24 01:13 PM

    Shattered Whispers is the second book in the Lantern Beach Exposure series. Abby Mendez has moved the Lantern Beach to follow her dream of operating a

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