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How Many Sounds Does "A" Make?

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The letter "A" makes nine sounds, or, to be more accurate, it makes eight sounds and then it can be silent.  Most phonetic reading programs teach only two or three sounds for "A".  Yet students will frequently come across all nine "A" sounds and need to know them if they are to read well.  Before looking below, write down how many sounds you know.

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The Sounds Of A

The nine sounds of “A”:

1. The short “a” as in at.

2. The long “a” as in ate.

3. It can be "silent" as in boat.

4. The short “u” as in tuna.

5. The short “e” as in many.

6. The short “o” as in water.

7. The “aw” sound as in ball.

8. The long “o” sound as in ward.

9. The short “i” as in garbage.

Did you get all the sounds? Or did you have to peek?

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