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Christian Non-Fiction Books

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My non-fiction writing centres on how to understand and apply the Bible.  The Bible is God's Word and is vital to our Christian lives. Studying, understanding and applying it is a life-long project.  Who knows, it may continue even in eternity.  Most of my Christian non-fiction is found on my website:  Free Bible Study Lessons.  There you will find over 600 articles on various aspects of Christianity.  All of the articles represent orthodox Christianity [i.e. accepted Christian beliefs], but not all of them represent popular Christianity.  Explore my site there and you will find things to challenge your thinking and the way you view life.  There are also a growing number of Bible courses you can take.  Some of them are free and some require a textbook.  You can access them directly at The Joshua Institute.

Everyone Can Learn To Read

I am working on writing Christian non-fiction books as well.  So far, I have only written the one below, but more are in the planning stages.

Christian Non-Fiction Books

Common Sense Biblical Answers To End Times Questions

Common Sense Answers

How will the world end?  When will Jesus return?  What are many modern-day Bible prophecy experts missing?  What we believe matters.  Many Christians are wasting valuable time and money chasing End Times fantasies that have nothing to do with the teaching of Scripture.

Common Sense examines Scripture in context and challenges its readers to do the same. Many of the Scriptures distorted by doomsayers refer to events in our past. We are not to live in fear of a Tribulation, Antichrist, Beast, or any of the things often associated with the End Times. Jesus is returning to be welcomed home by His beautiful bride, not on a rescue mission for a harassed few.  The message of the Cross and the Bible is VICTORY.  Jesus won the victory and the Holy Spirit, through His people, is implementing it in our world today.  Celebrate Jesus!

Common Sense also includes an extensive review of The Book Of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah.

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How To Know God Loves You
with bonus book: The Making Of A Blood Covenant

Probably everyone has wondered at some time or other whether God loves them. We may hear the catchphrase “God loves you” or “Jesus loves you” and look around at our lives, wondering where the evidence of such a statement is.

Maybe you are in a good place and can take a Big Picture view of things right now. When everything is going well in our lives, we can think about big questions like if God is love, Why are there wars? Why is there sickness and death? Why do financial disasters destroy people’s livelihoods? Why do natural disasters wreak people's lives? Why hasn’t He put an end to Covid? And the list goes on. It doesn’t seem like God is in control, or if He is in control, He doesn’t seem very loving. Where is this ‘God is love’ that we hear talked about?

Maybe you are in a bad place right now, and everything is personal. Why did you get cancer? Why did you have abusive parents? Why were you a crime victim? Why can’t you ever seem to make enough money? Or is a loved one suffering, and you feel their pain? Or why is Covid destroying my family or my ability to work? Or whatever personal events have devastated your life. Life is not fair! You see no evidence of God’s love in your life. If anything, it seems like He hates you and is out to get you.

Take the time to read this short book, and I will show you how you can know for sure that God loves you.

Sample Chapters:  Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

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My Heart's Cry

My wife, Diane Davis, has written a Christian non-fiction book about her two years teaching in a rural school in Kenya, East Africa.

My Heart's Cry relates my experiences as a missionary teacher in Kenya, East Africa. It portrays the joys, the struggles, and some of the inner turmoil of how to reach others for the Lord when their hearts are hardened; and how to carry the burden of the lost without losing heart in sharing. It also reveals how difficult it is to leave the work behind, knowing there is no one coming in to pick up and continue the ministry."  Diane Davis

Poems Of Encouragement

My mother, Shirley Davis, has written hundreds of poems which have blessed her friends over the years.  She has often written memorable poems to celebrate birthdays and other special events.  Most of her poems come from Scripture and are a source of encouragement and instruction.  Some of them have been gathered in this book for all to enjoy.  Get your copy today!

Original poems to encourage and challenge you by Mrs. Shirley Davis. Let these poems build your life in Christ.  Below is also a YouTube Video of her reading one of her poems.   

Sample Poem:


Deut. 35:25

As my days, You’ve said, so shall my strength be:

Sufficient for today is the evil for me

Help me to live each day for You, Oh Lord.

To add to its burdens, I just can not afford.

If I’ve more than one day’s load on my back,

I’ll be discouraged; sufficient strength I’ll lack.

But if I’ll only today’s load carry,

I’ll know Your strength and grace. I can be merry.

Teach me to number my days and be wise;

to know that Your promise of strength to me applies.

If I’ll leave past failures, and future fears with Thee;

I’ll find Your strength for today’s load is sufficient for me.

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