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Free books!  Who doesn't like free things?  We all like to read, but a limited budget can curb intense desire.  On this page, you can download books for free in PDF.  You can have them instantly on your phone or computer to enjoy.  Help yourself to as many as you like.  Our list is starting small, but we will be adding to it, so bookmark us and check back often.  

Everyone Can Learn To Read
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At the moment, most of the download books for free in PDF on this page are in the Public Domain, although some are published with the author's permission.  For example, take Robert Louis Stevenson's The Black Arrow a story of adventure and betrayal and, yes, even some romance.  If you have been thrilled by the excitement of Treasure Island, I think you will find The Black Arrow even more enjoyable.  Mr. Stevenson uses the old English of the period in which the novel is set.  I found this difficult when reading aloud to students, so I did a version where I replaced most of the old English with more modern English.  Both versions are available as free PDF downloads here.

Consider The Messiah Of The Cylinder, a little-known book by Victor Rousseau.  I was amazed, when I read it, at the concepts in this 1917 book which are now taken for granted in science fiction and dystopian novels.  Mr. Rousseau wrote this book partly to oppose his famous contemporary H.G. Well's book, When The Sleeper Wakes.  This book is considered to have inspired C.S. Lewis when he wrote his science fiction trilogy.

Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon are pseudonyms used by various authors to write adventure stories, most notably Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.  The original stories were longer - 25 chapters compared with the modern 20-chapter books.  The original stories were updated.  Although they usually kept the same title, the stories were sometimes totally different.  If you like the modern versions, check out the originals and see what you think!

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Of course, Agatha Christie, the queen of mystery, needs no introduction.  George MacDonald's works are known to have inspired writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  G. A. Henty wrote about 100 adventure books for boys, which are rich in historical detail.  

All these and more to come are yours for the taking...

In the Non-Fiction section, be sure to check out C.S. Lewis' Surprised By Joy as he tells about his conversion from atheism to Christianity.  And don't forget his timeless classic Mere Christianity.  For a serious study, take a look at Sex And Culture written in 1934 by J.D. Unwin.  He takes a detailed look at how many different cultures around the world and throughout history viewed sex and how that impacted their society for better or worse.  Alfred Edershiem is considered one of the greatest experts on Jewish life during the time of Christ.

Don't forget to check out our short history stories.  You can read online about how hunting hounds saved a community from an Indian massacre, the smallest navel battle, how two young girls thwarted the British army and much more.  Check it out now.

Copyright note:  To the best of my knowledge, the books below are in the Public Domain in Canada [or I have the author's permission].  Canadian copyright law states: "Please be advised, as of December 30, 2022 , the general term of copyright protection in Canada changes from 50 to 70 years after the death of the author. This change does not affect works that are already in the public domain."  Some of the books below were considered in Public Domain before this change and, in my understanding, remain in Public Domain.  If you do not live in Canada, you may want to check the copyright laws of your nation.

A note to currently published authors:  If you have a book [perhaps an older one or the first in a series] that you would be willing to give away as a downloadable PDF book, contact me.  This could introduce you and your writing to new readers!

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Download Books For Free PDF

Young Adults - Fiction - Non-Fiction General - Study Books

Young Adults

Blyton, Enid - Adventure Series: The Island Of Adventure - The Castle Of Adventure - The Valley Of Adventure - The Sea Of Adventure - The Mountain Of Adventure - The Ship Of Adventure - The Circus Of Adventure - The River Of Adventure - Mystery Series: The Rockingdown Mystery - The Rilloby Fair Mystery - The Ring o'Bells Mystery - The Rubadub Mystery - The Rat-A-Tat Mystery - The Ragamuffin Mystery - Malory Towers Series:  First Term At Malory Towers - The Second Form At Malory Towers - The Third Year At Malory Towers - Upper Fourth At Malory TowersIn The Fifth At Malory Towers - Last Term At Malory Towers - St. Claire Series: The Twins At St. Claire's - The O'Sullivan Twins - Summer Term At St. Claire's - The Second Form At St. Clarie's - Claudine At St. Claire's - Fifth Formers Of St. Claire's - Naughtiest Girl Series:  The Naughtiest Girl In The School - The Naughtiest Girl Again - The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor - Miscellaneous: Six Cousins At Mistletoe Farm - Six Cousins Again

Denison, Muriel - Susannah: A Little Girl With The Mounties, Susannah Of The Yukon

Dixon, Franklin W. - The Hardy Boys Mysteries - The House On The Cliff, The Mystery Of Cabin Island, The Shore Road Mystery, The Secret Of The Old Mill, Hunting For Hidden Gold

Godolphin, Mary - Pilgrim's Progress In Words Of One Syllable - Robinson Crusoe In Words Of One Syllable - Swiss Family Robinson In Words Of One Syllable

Henty, G.A. - In The Hands Of The Cave Dwellers - The Boy Knight: A Tale Of The Crusades - With Wolfe In Canada - For The Temple: A Tale Of The Fall Of Jerusalem

Dana Girls

Keene, Carolyn - The Dana Girls Mysteries: By The Lamp Of The Study, The Secret At Lone Tree Cottage, In The Shadow Of The Tower, A Three-Cornered Mystery, The Secret Of The Hermitage

MacDonald, George - The Princess And The Goblin - The Princess And Curdie - Phantastes

Stevenson, Robert Louis - The Black Arrow - Original - Adapted

Wilder, Laura Ingalls - Little House In The Big Woods - Farmer Boy - Little House On The Prairie - On The Banks Of Plum Creek - By The Shores Of Silver Lake - The Long Winter - Little Town On The Prairie - These Happy Golden Years


Burroughs, Edgar Rice - A Princess From Mars

Christie, Agatha - The Secret Adversary - The Mysterious Affair At Styles

Hill, Grace Livingston - The Best Man, The Girl From Montana

Rousseau, Victor - [Review] / The Master Of The Cylinder

Sayers, Dorothy L. - Whose Body? - Cloud Of Witnesses - Unnatural Death

Download Book For Free PDF


Carmichael, Amy - If

Davis, Glenn - How To Know For Sure God Loves You

Davis, LeRoy - The Kingdom Of God And Civil Government - The Greatest Week In History 

Davis, Shirley - Little Stories With Big Meaning [Poems] 

surprised by joy

 Lewis, C.S. - A Grief Observed - Mere Christianity - Miracles - Surprised By Joy

McGuffey Readers - McGuffey's Eclectic Primer - McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book - McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader - McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader - McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader - McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader - McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader - McGuffey's Sixth Eclectic Reader

McGuinness, George - The Time, Tales, Trials, And Triumph Of The Covenanters

Taylor, J. Hudson - Union And Communion: A Look At The Song of Solomon 

Watson, Thomas - The Lord's Prayer

Westminister Confession Of Faith

Study Books

Edershiem, Alfred - The Life And Times Of Jesus The Messiah Vol. 1 - Vol. 2 - Sketches Of Jewish Social Life In The Days Of Christ - The Temple: Its Ministry And Services At The Time Of Christ

Russell, James Stuart, M.A., D.Div. - The Parousia: A Careful Look At Our Lord's Second Coming

Unwin, J.D. - Sex And Culture

Watson, Richard - Watson's Bible Dictionary [pub. 1831, 2489 pages]

Westminister Confession Of Faith

Other places you can find books to download for free.

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