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We all love to read!  But books can be so expensive these days.  I have put together a list of sites to download books for free, or that let you know about great deals to buy them inexpensively.  This is a great way to build your digital library.  If you know of other websites where you can download books for free, please let me know.  Note: I am not responsible for the content on other sites.  Use your discretion.

Everyone Can Learn To Read

Inexpensive Books

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I use a service called Book Bub to find free and inexpensive books.  When you sign up for their free service, you select the categories of books you are interested in.  Then whenever inexpensive or free books become available, they email you with a list.  The books are normally available on Amazon and sometimes on Apple.  I pick up a lot of many of my books from Book Bub.  You can check them out for yourself here.

I have not used the following services, but they appear to be similar to Book Bub in that they send out lists of free or inexpensive [on sale] books.  Check them out for yourself.

Robin Reads

Reader News Today

Free Booksy - apparently looks for free books on more than just Amazon and Apple.

Download Books For Free

One of the best know websites for free books is Project Gutenberg.  Some websites want to sell you a membership in order to download free books.  This is not the case with Project Gutenberg.  They are completely free, although you can make donations if you desire.  They currently have 60,000 free ebooks in several different formats.  Project Gutenberg specializes in older books that are no longer under U.S. copyright.  You can find great fiction and non-fiction books here.  They can be searched by title or author.  You can also just browse categories that you are interested in.  Check them out here.

Note:  Many of the websites for free books below seem to take their Public Domain books from Project Gutenberg, so it that is what you are looking for, you might as well start at the source.

Gary North's Free Books - Over 90 full-length books and hundreds of newsletters from Christian Reconstructionist writers.

House Of Judah - Free Bible Study Manuals from Rev. Stephen Nemeth.

Faded Page - Books in the Public Domain in Canada.

Ebooks Read - Over 300,000 public domain books including study books.

Free Classic Books - 1000's of free classics.

I have not used any of the sites below, but you can check them out for yourself.

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Loyal Books - Good selection but does not offer PDF.

Planet Ebook - They have a small selection of Public Domain books in various formats.

Free Ebooks - They have both a free and a paid membership.  With the free membership, a person can download 5 ebooks a month.

Many Books - They have a free membership.  It appears to be like Book Bub.  I signed up for a free membership so I will update this when I have a little more experience with them.

Open Culture - Seems to have many different free items including ebooks, courses and movies.

Internet Archive - Millions of free books and more.

Smashwords - A list of books that their authors are giving away for free.

Storynory - Free audio stories for children.

LibriVox - Free audio books read by volunteers.

If you have a favourite website to find inexpensive or free ebooks, let me know!

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