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New Book Author's

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Would you like to be the first of your friends to discover exciting new book authors?  While we all have favourites, it is fun to find someone new, whether we are reading fiction or non-fiction.  At the bottom of this page, new book authors or established authors with new releases have an opportunity to present their hard work to you.  You are the judge.  Have they grabbed your attention or not?  You can also leave your comments on their book if you have read it.  

Everyone Can Learn To Read
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Right now, fiction and non-fiction will be mixed.  If this becomes a popular page, I will divide them up.  When I receive about ten submissions, I will do an index which links to each author's presentation, so they don't get lost as new presentations are added.  

If you are a reader, click here to be taken to the bottom of the page and view the new book author selections.  If you are an author wanting to dazzle us with your skill, keep reading for the rules.  You may also want to check out our Best Writing Resources page.

New Book Authors
Submission Rules

As a new book author, I know you are looking for ways to develop your readership.  Below you can present your book for free.  I do have a few rules that you will need to follow.

1.  Your book should be published and sold somewhere on the Internet, although I may make exceptions.  Contact me if this is an issue.  It doesn't matter if it is traditionally published or self-published.  [This is not an idea or pre-release page.]. Established authors are invited to add new releases only.

2.  While the book does not have to contain Christian content, it must be free from profanity, explicit violence or sex and cannot contain anti-Christian material.

3.  Your presentation needs to contain a minimum of 400 words.  That shouldn't be a problem for a writer!

4.  Make sure you use proper grammar and spelling.  You want your potential readers to be impressed.  


5.  If possible, include a picture of the book cover and yourself.

6.  I may reject or remove any presentation at any time for any reason.  Wow, that's a lot of 'anys'!

7.  Presentations have a commenting feature allowing others to comment on your written work.  You may ask friends to add their comments, but be aware you may also receive negative comments.

8.  The program below does not allow you to add links.  If you send me the link to your book, I will add it to your presentation when/if it is approved.  Use the onsite Contact form.  

9.  This is not a requirement but a suggestion.  After you have told us about your own book, go to our favourite fiction or non-fiction page and tell us about your favourite book.  Let us see what you like to read.

Note: If you write a review and do not hear from me within 48 hours, please resubmit or email me via the contact button.  Thank you.

Have You Written a Great Book?

We love books. Tell us about your book. Is it fiction or non-fiction? Why did you write it? What is it about? Don't keep us in the dark! Share.

See What Others Have Written

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Beneath the Tamarisk Tree - Rob Seabrook Not rated yet
Beneath the Tamarisk Tree is the new novel from first time author, Rob Seabrook. Inspired by the line in Luke 23:43, where we see Jesus hanging on the …

Meant 4 More - Brian Thomson Not rated yet
In Meant 4 More, Brian Thomson shares the inspiring story of Home of Hope, a rescue initiative that serves thousands of children and families around the …

CONNECTING THE DOTS: How God's Sovereignty Affects You and Me Not rated yet
This was meant to be a more theoretical book—a tidy collection of ideas and insights gained from years of study and experience. But a few life-changing …

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