The Woodbender, Book One of: War of the Nephilim, by Tripp Berry

by Tripp Berry
(Jay, Maine, USA)

What would you do if evil men came for your loved one in the night?

Pre-Flood, the world wasn’t very nice. Men fought men and the environment. Some of those men attacked the village of Blacktree to take what wasn’t theirs.

Kenyan, and his friends Wren and Lidai, aren’t going to sit for it.

Adventure. Action. Humor. And, best of all, dinosaurs. Tripp Berry’s debut Christian Fantasy is a fun, wild, roaring good ride.

Editor's Note:

Description from Amazon -

"What would you do if someone came for your family? What would you do if men came out of the dark, armed and capable of unspeakable evil, to take the one you love?

In a time gone by, the Earth grew green, lush, and was full of violence. Dinosaurs and men walked side by side… or one had the other for lunch! Before Noah’s Ark, people and animals ruled the earth, and not all of them were very nice.

Join Kenan, Anna, Wren, and Lidai on a journey to defend their village of Blacktree from the terrors of the White Spiders. This slaving company raids the world, attacking indiscriminately and taking women to their home nation, where evil has a free hand.

Will the young people of this backwater village be able to stop the White Spiders and rescue those who were kidnapped? Will Kenan understand the reality of God Almighty? Will Wren be able to control his actions? Will anyone ever actually listen to Lidai? And, for the love of all that is good and holy, someone please feed that racoon!

There are three kinds of dinosaurs: those that eat plants, those that eat meat, and those that men ride to war!"

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