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Below is a list of the pages on this website with quick links to them.  However, some pages are not listed here.  Our Learn To Read program is a subdivision of Glenn Davis Books and has its own sitemap, which lists all the articles related to learning to read or improving your reading skills and information on the Reading Course we teach.  Click here for the Learn To Read Sitemap.

The individual history stories and book reviews are not listed separately, but you will find the link to the main page where they are listed.  Besides using this Glenn Davis Books sitemap to find pages you are interested in, you can use the search bar at the top of every page.  Explore and have fun!

Everyone Can Learn To Read

Glenn Davis Books



My Fiction - My current writing projects in the Science Fiction universe of the El Empire, as well as links to articles about the El Empire.

Favourite Fiction Authors And Books - A look at some of my favourite fiction writers plus fiction book reviews.  There is a form where you can write a review of your own favourite fiction books or authors.

-----Christy Barritt

-----Enid Blyton

-----Wayne Thomas Batson

-----Rachel Dylan

-----George MacDonald

-----Craig Parshall

-----Fiction Book Reviews


My Non-Fiction - A look at non-fiction that I or members of my family have written.

Favourite Non-Fiction Authors and Books - A look at some of my favourite non-fiction writers plus non-fiction book reviews.  There is a form where you can write a review of your own favourite non-fiction books or authors.

-----Martyn Lloyd-Jones

-----Non-Fiction Book Reviews

True History Stories - Short stories from history.

----Interesting Stories In American History - Short stories about people or events in North America.

-----Strange Stories From History - Truth can be stranger than fiction, and these short stories from around the world prove it.

-----True Stories Of Adventure - Short stories of adventurous people.

-----Biographies Of Famous People - Short stories about famous [and not-so-famous] people in history.


Bookcase - A place where authors can tell us about the books they have written.

Best Writing Resources - A place where authors can share the resources that they have found helpful in writing.  Great information for both beginning and experienced writers.

Free Books

Download Books For Free PDF - A growing collection of free PDF books.

-----Download Books For Free - A list of places where you can get free books.

Quotes By Author - Inspirational, shareable quotes listed by author.

Quotes By Subject - Inspirational, shareable quotes listed by subject.

Learn To Read

Blog - An Occasional Blog

About Glenn


Newsletter - An Occasional Newsletter

Recent Articles

  1. Background History For The El Empire

    Nov 27, 23 09:17 PM

    The background history of the El Empire as told by Chief Scribe Jashar.

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  2. The Search For Cleopatra by Michael Foss

    Nov 21, 23 01:43 PM

    The Search For Cleopatra: The True Story Of History’s Most Intriguing Woman is an interesting look at who Cleopatra was. The book begins by looking at

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  3. The Rise And Fall Of The Second Greatest Empire In History

    Nov 15, 23 12:09 PM

    Even today, the name of Genghis Khan is able to strike fear into the hearts of people. This man rose from poor beginnings to unite fragmented Mongol clans

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