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Glenn Davis Books

Note:  If you purchase anything from links on this site, I may make a commission.

Welcome to Glenn Davis books.  I trust you will explore and enjoy this site.  Here you will find my El Empire science fiction adventure stories, crime novels for adults and Christian non-fiction.  But it is not all about me!  In fact, you have probably never heard of Glenn Davis.  You will also find my favourite authors and information about their books, quotes that I have personally selected from authors that I read, plus I hope you will tell me about your favourite authors and books.

Glenn and Diane Davis

My wife, Diane, and I live in Vernon, BC, where I work full-time at a grocery store.  In the evenings and on my days off, I work on writing.  Most of my writing has been articles and courses on various aspects of Christianity.  I have an entire website dedicated to that.  I also enjoy reading and writing fast-action adventure stories.  There is never a dull moment in my books!

I first started writing when I was sixteen.  When I write, my goal is to tell a good story.  Like my readers, I follow the characters and am sometimes surprised by what they do!  All the books have good morals and represent solid Christian principles; however, I am not deliberately writing them into the book to try to make dull teaching exciting.  They flow naturally from who I am and what I believe.

Take a chance on me and read a few.  See if you agree or disagree.

Glenn Davis' El Empire

In these science fiction stories, that will be enjoyed by pre-teens and above, mythical creatures like fauns, centaurs and others interact with advanced technology like spaceships and laser guns.  The reason for this is explained in the back story found on the El Empire page.  The main characters in all these stories are pre-teens or teenagers caught up in situations that thrush them into high adventure.  Don't miss a single one!

Glenn Davis' Crime Novels

This is a new venture for me and is intended for an adult audience.  The crime behind each story is inspired by real events.  The characters struggle not only with solving the crime but also with the family and interpersonal consequences of living in a fallen world.  These novels contain zero profanity and zero sex scenes, although they deal with horrendous and sensitive situations.

Glenn Davis' Non-Fiction

Most of my non-fiction is available as articles and Bible courses on my website, Free Bible Study Lessons.  However, I am working on non-fiction books to help readers understand and apply Christianity.  Check them out!