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Strange Stories From History

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Strange stories from history fill its unfolding pages. Every country has its share of unusual happenings. Things that never should have occurred. Coincidences that changed the course of history. Tremendous odds overcome. It is all laid out before us in ways no fiction writer would ever dream of. Amazing stories of overwhelming evil - did you know that Dracula was a real person? - and outstanding courage - have you heard about the man who charged an Indian war party with only his hunting dogs as backup? It is all laid bare for us to see.

Everyone Can Learn To Read
Confusing Light Signals - To turn or not?

In the strange stories from history below, you will read of a blood-thirsty tyrant who also held the largest baptismal service ever, a peasant girl who came to rule one of the greatest nations on earth, how a poor servant became one of the most celebrated sculptors of all time, and about a prince who would not stay dead. And much more…

Although the weirdest stories in history make for fascinating reading, they can also be a source of encouragement. Nothing is impossible. Great odds can be over. Unusual things do happen. The old story of David and Goliath has repeated itself in many ways and circumstances. Sir Winston Churchill was famous for his ‘Never Give Up’ philosophy. Alexander the Great, with a small army, consistently defeated more numerous foes and changed history.

What can you and I do if we put our minds and abilities to it? Don’t let others discourage you. Don’t give up. Every one of us has a unique blend of desires and abilities. Every one of us has a destiny. True, not every one of us will be involved in earth-shaking events, but every one of us has the ability to make the lives of those around us better. Will we embrace our destiny or hide our heads in the sand with a large target sticking out? One hundred years from now, will someone be reading our strange stories from history?

I trust you will find this growing collection of strange stories from history interesting. They are collected from Public Domain sources and presented for your perusal. Note: There are also more weird stories in the other history categories on this site. Sometimes I had to choose where they fit best. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Strange Stories From History

The Curious Story Of Vladimir The Great: The War For An Archbishop

The Story Of A Remarkable French Winter Campaign

Antonio Canova: The Servant Who Became A Sculptor

Prince Dmitri: A Prince Who Would Not Stay Dead

The Man Who Spoiled Napoleon's Destiny

The Prisoner Who Would Not Stay In Prison

The Rabbi Who Found The Diadem

How Phidias Helped The Image-Maker

Peter Of Haarlem: The Boy Who Saved His Country

The Children's Crusade: Stephen And Nicholas The Boy Crusaders

More Coming Soon

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