Biographies Of Famous People
[and some not so famous people]

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What is a biography? A biography is the true story of a person’s life. Biographies of famous people can help us see the struggles they overcame to become successful. We can identify a little more with them and perhaps use their stories to help encourage us as we face the discouragements and challenges of life. No one’s life is trouble-free. We can learn from and help each other on life’s journey as we see the victories and triumphs of others, especially if we are experiencing similar things.

What is the difference between autobiography and biography? An autobiography is when a person is telling their own story, sometimes with the help of a collaborator or a ghostwriter. A biography is when the writer researches and tells someone else’s true story.

Walking down the stairs in an old building.

Sometimes we are tempted to feel like we are the only ones experiencing specific problems and challenges. We feel targeted and lonely. It is easy to fall into the destructive trap of self-pity or bitterness. Those are two things which will destroy your life. However, when we read the true stories of men and women who have faced incredible challenges, we discover a couple of things.

The first thing we discover is that we are not alone. Everyone faces problems. Not only does everyone face problems, but some people have faced and conquered the same problems we are facing!

The second thing we discover is that no matter how bad our problems are, someone has faced something much worse and successfully handled it. Read about the struggles of Charles Goodyear and his family, for example. This will kill self-pity. If it doesn’t, volunteer at a hospital or homeless shelter or feed the hungry for a while. You will gain a new appreciation for life.

The following growing collection of biographies of famous people [and some not so famous] have been taken from Public Domain sources. I trust they will help and motivate you to overcome your challenges and achieve all you are capable of doing!

Biographies Of Famous People
[and some not so famous people]

The Struggles Of Charles Goodyear

The Boyhood Of Daniel Webster

The Sad Story Of A Boy King:  Richard Plantagenet

Catherine The Great

The Boyhood Of William Chambers

How June Found Massa Linkum [Mister Lincoln]

Humphry Davy And The Safety Lamp

Ivan The Terrible: The Wickedest Man In The World

Boy Conqueror: Charles XII Of Sweden

Joan Of Arc Part One

Joan Of Arc Part Two

Joan Of Arc Part Three

A Brave Scottish Chief: Alexander Gordon

Christopher Columbus

The Boy Viking: Olaf II Of Norway

More coming soon