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CONNECTING THE DOTS: How God's Sovereignty Affects You and Me

by Arthur Enns
(Vernon, BC, Canada)

Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots

This was meant to be a more theoretical book—a tidy collection of ideas and insights gained from years of study and experience. But a few life-changing events intervened.

One of those was the death of my wife, which impacted both my faith journey and my awareness of things buried deep within my mind and emotions.

I knew there was a choice to be made. I could maintain my usual preference for privacy, or I could become more open and honest with God, with myself, and with others.

This book is an attempt to choose the latter, the result being a combination of objective truth (for example, how God is described in the Bible) and my subjective grappling with that truth. For me, it’s a process of “connecting the dots.”

In the midst of life-changing events, whether a personal tragedy or a worldwide crisis like a pandemic, the most important truth I can imagine is God’s sovereignty. If God is actually in charge—if things don’t just happen by chance—it changes everything. Then there’s a foundation for faith, a basis for hope, and a purpose in life.

An old joke offers the advice, Life is short; eat dessert first. Of course, that’s just a way of describing life’s uncertainty, of which we were reminded in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic spread and normal life came to a standstill.

In contrast, the Bible describes God as being supreme—above it all: “He does whatever he pleases,” says Job, who at the time was not at all pleased with what God was allowing, which included the loss of his wealth, his reputation, his health, and his children.

Job’s complaints are valid, we might think. But in the end, he came to understand God’s sovereignty in a whole new way. Thankfully, I’ve not had to experience all that Job did, but my appreciation for God as the one immoveable Rock during stormy times only has increased.

In fact, the more I learn who God is, the more I’m glad that “he does whatever he pleases.” Why? Because he understands it all, he’s in charge of everything, he knows us, and (still surprising to me) he loves us.

I invite you to join me on a journey of discovering more about this God who does whatever he pleases. It’s a quest that takes us beyond our usual way of thinking. It requires honesty and probably a dose of humility too.

Most of all, it means connecting the dots as we explore how God’s sovereignty affects you and me.

Arthur Enns
January 2021

You can find more information on Arthur Enns and his book here.

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