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Learning English As A Second Language

Learning ESL [English as a second language] can be very challenging. English has almost 1 million words in its vocabulary, many of which are borrowed from other languages. The good news is that about 90% of English words are phonetic or have large phonetic parts. Reading English as a second language becomes much easier when you know all the rules. We are the only program I know of which teaches all the phonetic rules. [To see the things we teach that very few others do, read this article by our founder, Cliff Ponder.]

Everyone Can Learn To Read
English as a Second Language

While we do not teach English from the beginning, for students who have basic communication skills in English, we can help them build on those skills. Our course will help them correctly pronounce words and teach them proficient reading skills. For example, native English speakers often automatically know which of the three sounds 'ed' will make at the end of a word, but this can be confusing to those learning English.  We have a rule that our students learn to tell them when 'ed' will make each of its sounds. There is also a helpful rule to know when 'C' will copy 'S' and when it will copy 'K.'  This is important because 'C' is in almost one-fourth of English words! 

The correct pronunciation of English words is vital for anyone working in an English-speaking environment. For example, those who have moved to North America, but have poor speaking skills, often find it more challenging to get jobs. Even those who work outside English-speaking countries, and have to deal with English-speaking people, would greatly benefit from our course. [Companies that employ ESL people would also benefit from having their employees take our course.]

A lot of information available on the Internet is written in English. Being a proficient English reader can enrich a person's life and open up new opportunities. 

Don't miss out! On average, our course only takes 30 - 60 hours of instruction. Discover what you need to take our course as an ESL student over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Sign up for our course now.

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