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Ben award

At the beginning of grade 4, our son was having difficulty reading. After many years of learning assistance during school hours, we were not seeing any improvement. We met with Diane Davis and began the reading program and had great success. He is now reading at his grade level and is more confident in all of his subjects. Diane's patience and kindness made him feel he could learn. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn to read. 

Lisa K.

Prince George

I want to thank you for your patience and encouragement of all three of our children~!  You continue to challenge them enough that they do not get bored and not too fast so they are not discouraged!  Your teaching style has been a very good match for all three of our children.  Thank you for using your God-given gifts to bless our family.

Julie F.,Colorado

Diane, Words cannot say how important of a person you have been in my children's lives.  The gift of reading will open many many doors…and we have you to thank for that!

The M. Family, Alberta

Thank you Mrs. Diane~!You have put such a big smile on my face.   When I first started I had long face… I could be screaming my smile is so big because I am so happy.  You have given me great courage and my confidence is way up.

Benedicte D. Kentucky

Diane, you work miracles with L. You are fun and know how to communicate over the Internet so that the student finds learning fun and interesting.  I am not just paying for language lessons, I am also paying for the way you teach. Not everyone teaches the same way. 

Darlene, California

Matt has gained so much self confidence after going through your program.  He is reading so well and is keeping up in his high school classes whereas he couldn’t before coming to you.  Thank you!

Twyla M.  Prince George, BC

Thank you for teaching me about reading.  I liked learning with you.  God bless you   

Caleb L.  Prince George, BC

Thank you so much for everything.  You truly are an amazing teacher~!    

Chantal, Prince George, BC

I am so pumped~!  Thank you so much for the opportunity.  I’m so proud of him (H.).  He has been always very quiet and not a lot of expressions.  LOL  I know he’s happy and proud.

Cassie W., AB

Mrs. Davis,Thank you for making our kids so smart!   

Cheryl, Prince George, BC

I...wanted to let you know that [my daughter] got a wonderful report card and some great feedback regarding her reading and has been saying that she wanted to get back to Prince George so she could go back to her tutor. Coming from an eight year-old on the verge of summer holidays [that] is a big compliment...

Michelle F., Prince George

I was typing an email when my daughter began to read it out loud. I told her to stop reading my email, but she only giggled. She has so much more confidence since beginning your course.

Karen H., Prince George

My grade one son is at the top of his class in reading. I am so glad for Diane.

Tammy S., Prince George

I am happy to say that I have completed the Academic Associates Reading Program. This program gave me the tools to enhance my reading skills. Most of all this program has taken down the walls that has hindered me from advancing in life. I am very grateful...Diane is an awesome instructor...She makes this program fun and I have looked forward to our sessions. 

Darlene, Prince George

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