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Betrayed by Jeanette Windle

Betrayed is an exciting book, rich in detail, set in the country of Guatemala. The country’s scenery and people come to life as Vicki Andrews arrives in Guatemala City to investigate whether a local faith-based charity should receive a foundation’s monetary grant.

Her obscure past begins to come to light as she meets people who not only knew her birth parents but also what actually caused their deaths twenty years ago. But the past catches up with the present when she discovers her sister's body in a smouldering garbage dump.

When local authorities dismiss the death as simply a street crime with her sister being ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ Vicki decides to investigate on her own. After all, her sister had been disturbed by potential animal smuggling that may have been happening at the environmental center where she worked.

Vicki’s stubborn refusal to give up her investigation leads her against the Guatemalan military, corrupt officials, confusing expats and possibly even the CIA. Is her inexperience putting more innocent lives in danger, including her own? What had her sister stumbled upon which led to her murder?

Betrayed is full of interesting characters who may not be who they seem to be. Twists and turns will keep the reader guessing what the real motives are, who is to be trusted and who will betray that trust. Realization will sink in at the frustration of dealing with indifferent and possibly corrupt officials.

Along with an intriguing story, the reader will be immersed in the beauty of the Guatemalan landscape, from waterfalls to its rich vegetation.

“A politically relevant tale of International intrigue ad God’s redemptive beauty and hope.” Description from Betrayed

Reviews from the Amazon page:

"This very talented writer has written a suspenseful, thrilling story that very naturally incorporates some of the most powerful lessons of faith I’ve encountered in fiction in some time!"
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance 2.08
"Betrayed is an intense, interesting story that exposes some of the harsh realities in the world beyond the borders of the United States. The background information is thick and may be difficult to grasp at some points, but it is easy to pick up once the story gets moving. Fans of mysteries and international thrillers will greatly enjoy this book."
Christian Book Previews 8.08
"Betrayed reveals the U.S. involvement in Guatemala in the last few decades, how the decisions of few in powerful positions can and do change the lives on millions, affect the balance of power between nations, and alter the course of history."
Christian Review of Books 4.08

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