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An Inconvenient Death by Dan Walsh

I enjoyed reading An Inconvenient Death: A Joe Boyd Suspense Novel by Dan Walsh. I must admit that at the beginning, I questioned whether I would find this novel interesting. It sounded routine; however, as I continued on the story drew me in and held my attention until the end. Although it is not what I would think of as a suspense novel, it is an entertaining detective story.

When cold case detective Lt. Joe Boyd goes on a much-deserved vacation with his family and friends, he expects a fun and relaxing time. But not long after they set up camp in a local campground, the family dog runs off on the scent of some animal. When Joe’s young son tracks him down, he is busy digging up a treasure - which turns out to be a long-buried body.

Joe’s boss wants him to come back and handle things, but Joe convinces him that he can supervise his assistant, Hank Jensen, remotely until his vacation is over. His boss reluctantly agrees as long as it does not hit social media.

Later on Hank gets a call from a member of a writer’s club. She is unsure of whether she should be calling him or not, but a member of their writer’s club had become reading a novel he was writing called An Inconvenient Death and it sounded oddly like a crime from the past instead of a novel. She just couldn’t remember enough of the details of the actual crime to place it. Hank dismisses her call until some of the facts about the cold case begin to line up with the book. Was the author a witness to the real crime? Had he been involved in the crime? Had he known the people involved in it?

As the suspects are narrowed down, two now prominent people in the community come to the top of the list. Going after influential people is a tricky business at the best of times. How do you collect solid evidence for a murder without witnesses committed in the late 1980’s?

An Inconvenient Death has one or two cases of potty language, which is minor, although I do not understand it being including in a Christian novel at all. Although sometimes the novel felt like it was going to be predictable, it always turned the corner and kept my interest until the end.

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