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Just The Nicest Person by Christy Barritt

Just The Nicest Person launches Christy Barritt’s 8-book series, True Crime Junkies. In this book, we meet Andi, who has taken a job as an ice road trucker to gather evidence on the man who destroyed her career as a lawyer. As she is driving through a snowstorm, she is listening to a local podcaster who is about to reveal the identity of a killer in an eight-year-old cold case when suddenly he goes off the air. Then, without warning, a man runs out on the road before her and disappears into the woods. Her truck skids into the ditch when she slams her brakes to avoid hitting him. With the snowstorm closing the roads, no tow truck will be getting through anytime soon. She will have to wait out the road closure at the Almost Halfway Trading Post, where her friend works.

The road closure also forces an Alaskan tour guide, Duke, and his two clients, Mariella and her computer nerd brother Matthew, to shelter at the Trading Post. Duke has reasons of his own for coming to Alaska.

As this group of strangers wait for the road to reopen, they begin to wonder why the podcaster went off the air and who he was going to name as the killer. They realize that he lives not far from the Trading Post, so Duke and Andi head out to check on him. Soon, they discover his murdered body.

They realize that the mysterious killer still lives in the area and will do anything to protect his identity. This unlikely group of people begins to work on the cold case as a means to discover who murdered the podcaster. Danger and mystery are around every corner in this Alaskan wilderness adventure.

This is another winner by Christy Barritt. It is also the first book I have read of hers in which we get an occasional view through the killer’s eyes without revealing his identity. If you enjoy an excellent action/mystery with a touch of romance, then this is a great choice for you.

You can purchase it here.

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