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Isle Of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson

Isle of Fire is an intriguing pirate yarn. It follows after Isle of Swords and uses the same main characters. There are many moving parts in this story, with different characters going in different directions, but Wayne Thomas Batson does an excellent job of keeping things flowing in a clear and logical way and then tying up all the strings in the end. For those who like adventure on the high seas, this is a good book to grab, although I would recommend reading Book One, Isle Of Swords, first.

Vicious pirate Bartholomew Thorne has an intense hatred for England. He seeks blood-thirsty allies as he plots revenge that will bring England to its knees. Interestingly, he has a quartermaster named Edward Teach - who will later be famous as the historical Blackbeard. But that is not enough villainy. Behind the scenes lurks the shadowy Merchant providing arms and support to whoever will pay the most. And he has his own agenda.

Against this wave of evil, a famous pirate turned pirate-hunter Declan Ross, also known as the Sea Wolf, and the unique crew of the Robert Bruce must fight. While Declan Ross goes after Bartholomew Throne, his adventurous daughter, Anne Ross, and Cat captain a ship for a fighting order of monks called The Brethren to track down the Merchant. Cat finds it especially challenging since he is the son of Bartholomew Thorne and fears he may become like the father he hates.

Mix all these people together and throw in a British Commodore and his courageous wife, a greedy king, a stowaway, surprising betrayals, hurricane-force storms, vicious Vikings and fire-shooting ships, and you have all the ingredients of a pirate story that will keep you turning page after page wondering if good will win over evil.

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