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El Empire
Starships And Equipment

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Aard - The Aard is the standard issue pistol for U.A.F. combat personnel. Its length is about a foot. It is able to be set on Stun to render a person unconscious for a short period of time or on Kill which burns a body to ashes in seconds. Often it is worn low on the hip in gunslinger fashion.

Hoingtor Gun - The Hoingtor gun is named after its inventor, Bob Hoingtor. It is a long-range gun used to shoot down approaching spaceships. It is usually mounted on a swivel in a spaceship as a defence, although it has been used on the ground as a light anti-aircraft gun.

Lector - The power supply unit of the Flyers [see U.A.F. Starships].

Ork - The Ork is the standard issue pistol for U.A.F. officers or non-combat personnel. It is about six inches long. It is able to be set on Stun to render a person unconscious for a short period of time or on Kill which will allow its beam to pierce a body but is not strong enough to destroy the body like an Aard.

Rank Speed - Rank Speed refers to the fastest space travel speed known.

Slicerblade - The Slicerblade has a short energy beam that can be turned on and off. It can cut through flesh, bone and some metals.

Sub-Rank Speed - Sub-Rank Speed is the speed a spaceship or starship must maintain before it can go into full Rank speed.

Time Tunnel Transporter [TTT] - The TTT is a device to pull an object through what is essentially a tube outside of time. This artificially attempts to create a natural phenomena. The last known natural time tunnel collapsed during the time of the Great Flood on the Lost Planet [See Backstory].

- The TTT developed by the United Raiders was 15 feet high and rectangular in shape. At one end of the machine was a platform over which hung a large disk. The disk was on a swivel so it could be turned in any direction. On the machine itself were various lights, buttons, and switches.

Tranmoren Drive - The Tranmoren Drive is the newest and fastest starship engine.

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Planetary Vessels

Planetary Vessels are vehicles which do not travel out of a planet’s atmosphere. The following is a list of such vehicles that you will find in the El Empire stories.

Air Rider - A single-person vehicle able to travel up to 100 miles per hour and at a height between 2 feet and 50 feet off the ground.

Arge Class AirCar - A sleek, sporty and fast luxury aircar. It is able to reach speeds of 300 miles per hour on autopilot. One model is called a Streamline 6.

Orum - The Orum an older model economy aircar that seats 5 - 6 people. It can’t do more than 200 miles an hour.

Planet-Hopper - Planet-Hopper is a generic term for a small 2 - 4 person craft able to quickly move from one place to another on a planet, but not designed for leaving the atmosphere.

Streamline 6 - The Streamline 6 is the name of a particular model of luxury aircar of the Arge class.


In the El Empire, the term “spaceship” is used as a general classification of vessels capable of traveling between planets and having a crew of between 1 and 300. Starships usually have a crew of over 300, although, on occasion, the terms may be used interchangeably. The following are the spaceships you will find in the stories of the El Empire.

Buffalo Shuttle - See United Alpha Fleet.

Interstellar Patrol Ship - See Interstellar Patrol.

Late Flyer, The - The Late Flyer is the name of Polking’s ship. It is in the old-fashioned circular shape with two levels. On the bottom level, the floor is slightly larger than the top floor. The top floor, which includes the cockpit, is centred over the bottom level with a clear, round bubble top. The crude welding around the guns which stuck out of the bottom floor showed that they were not part of the original design. A five-foot disc elevator in the centre of the ship transports people between levels. It has a powerful Hoingtor gun in the rear gunner’s chamber.

Lidsem Spaceways - Lidsem Spaceways is an economy spaceship company which shuttles people between planets. The seats are hard and uncomfortable and the lighting is terrible. Lidsem had been described as "flying through space in a crowded soup can."

Pure Delight - The Pure Delight is the name of the spaceship in which Carl was traveling back to school. It is part of the Empire’s Diplomatic Fleet and is one of the fastest spaceships of its class.

Star Jumper - The Star Jumper class of spaceships are small spaceships designed for moving from planet to planet, but not equipped for sustained space travel.

Tackle II - The Tackle II is a medium-sized spaceship which has a crew of about 200 and it is fairly well-armed for its size. It is outdated by current military standards.

Uniter Raider Death - The U.R. Death is a spaceship owned by the organized crime syndicate known as the United Raiders. It was been specially modified to hold large boulders and fire them from two cannons. It has also been given advanced lighting abilities and a communication disruption system. This has greatly reduced the amount of space in the craft and so it must be maintained with a minimum crew. This class of spaceship has about seven times the range on their guns than a U.A.F. Flyer has.


In the El Empire, the term “starship” is used as a general classification of vessels capable of traveling between planets and having a crew of over 300. U.A.F. Starships have more than 100,000 people onboard. Sometimes the terms “spaceships” and “starships” are used synonymously. The following are the starships you will find in the stories of the El Empire.

Star Gazer - The Star Gazer is the name of one starship in a line of luxury starships for holiday cruisers.

United Alpha Fleet Starships - See U.A.F. Starships

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