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Interstellar Patrol

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Interstellar Patrol are the interplanetary police in the El Empire. They have authority on any planet which is a member or ally of the El Empire. They investigate crimes committed on more than one planet or in the space between planets. They work in cooperation with local and planetary law enforcement officers. They can also transport criminals between planets and respond to distress calls.

The normal Interstellar Patrol spaceship consists of two officers. On occasion, married couples may be partners. The dress uniforms are scarlet, black and silver similar to the design on the ships. The everyday uniform is a drab green and brown.

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There are two types of Patrols:

Local Patrols

These Patrols operate for short distances between planets. They are based in a capital or major city. Usually, the patrol shifts are for twelve hours, with the officers returning home at the end of each shift. These are more common near major population areas in the Empire.

Deep Space Patrols

These patrols are mainly in low-population areas where the distance between planets makes returning to a home base impractical. These officers are on an eight-month tour of duty, although occasional breaks may be made. Sometimes married couples are partners and on rare occasions may have their children with them. Other officers are usually paired in groups of two males or two females although exceptions can be made.

Note: It requires an official transfer request to move from one type of patrol assignment to the other.

The Spaceships

A Deep Space Interstellar Patrol spaceship is two stories high in a rectangular shape with a cone nose. The bottom part of the nose drops down to become an entrance ramp. It contains everything two officers would need for comfortable living in space for their eight-month tour of duty, conducting criminal investigations, transporting criminals, and bringing emergency first aid. Older models of the ship have a spiral staircase leading from the front of the ship straight up to the cockpit; later models have an elevator disc. The ships have a bright scarlet and silver exterior.

Local Patrol Interstellar Spaceships are of a similar design but are only one story high as they do not need extensive living quarters.

Interstellar Patrol spaceships are capable of maintaining Rank Speed for short periods of time. Deep Space ships have a greater Rank Speed capacity than the Local Patrol ships.

Identified Interstellar Patrol Spaceships

Ship 452 - Deep Space - [Gallant] - Sgt. Bonfer and Clp. Otto are the officers.

Ship 827 - Deep Space - [Disappearance] - Sgt. Ronan and Clp. Madai are the officers.

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