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The Theology Of
The El Empire

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[Not only does the Christian writer have to figure out how to create fictional alien races and spaceships in a young universe, but he or she must also have an idea of how the story fits in with the overall story of Redemption. Here is my attempt…]

Since all intelligent life [i.e. having both a soul and spirit created in the image of God] began on Earth, and the last people left just before the Flood, all the events of Earth's history up to the time of the Flood are known throughout the universe. [See Back Story.]

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The Lost Planet

After the last spaceship left Earth and the last Time Tunnel collapsed at the beginning of the global flood, all contact with Earth was lost. It has since been referred to as the Lost Planet. Many expeditions from various parts of the universe have been launched at various times in history to find the Lost Planet, but none have been successful. Some have come to believe that the Lost Planet no longer exists or that it was only a myth or legend.

El, El Pneuma, Elniyn And Elers

Elers are people who believe in and have committed their lives to El, Elniyn and El Pneuma. El, Elniyn and El Pneuma are three distinct Divine Persons, but they only constitute one God. El is called Father, Elniyn is called the Son of El and El Pneuma is called the Spirit of El although all Three are eternal with neither beginning nor end.

The Book of El was written in the period of time from the years 1656 to 4112. It contains 5 Sections.

The First Section concerns the Creation, Fall and promise of Redemption. The Second Section contains the Moral Laws which El established. These two sections concern events before the Flood and so are substantially the same as what is recorded in Gen. 1 - 6 and the Moral Laws [not Ceremonial Laws] recorded by Moses.

Section Three is a collection of wise sayings from Godly men and women. The Fourth Section is called the Great Prophets. These are the writings of select Eler men and women of things shown to them by El Pneuma about the coming Redeemer. The Fifth Section is called the Final Prophets. This section contains prophecies given by El Pneuma about the Redemption having been successfully accomplished and issues resulting from that. Since the Redemption took place on the Lost Planet, the Elers take, by faith, that the Redemption has been accomplished.

The Book of El is highly valued by the Elers but is not considered inspired in the sense of being inerrant. The Elers believe there is an inerrant written word from El, but it is on the Lost Planet. Many would be willing to give their lives to hold and read such a book.

In the year 4112, the Book of El was declared closed. No further writings were to be included in it. Other writings, although valuable, are not considered on the same level as the Book of El.

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