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People, Animals and Plants
Of The El Empire

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Below is an alphabetic list of people, animals and plants that appear in the El Empire stories. More characters will be added as more stories are written. The initials beside their name show which story they appear in:

CD = Codename: Dragonslayer  

Multiple = Appears in several stories

SA = Star Action 

SAS = Scott And Sandy Adventures [The Gallant Mystery, The Disappearance Of Captain Danson, My Life For Yours]

People - Animals - Plants

Everyone Can Learn To Read



Agent 176 [DS] - Carl’s identification while in training.

Anderson, Scott [DS] - Carl's pilot/bodyguard, a tall, skinny man.


Basket [DS] - Name of Polking’s First Mate. Basket is an Ewern.

Bonfer, Sgt. [SAS] - Interstellar patrol officer

Brekins [Multiple] - An expression for people who are marooned on a deserted planet or island and have to survive on what they can find. It is named after the famous Brekin family who crashed on Geniver and survived for 30 years before being rescued.

Brenton, Ambassador [DS] - The El Empire ambassador to Sheowl.

Brestorm, Hal [SAS] - U. R. assassin wanted on 11 counts of murder but suspected of over 50.


Cartin Acting Troupe [DS] - A made-up acting group that Purr used as a cover.

Caspian, Captain Nancy [SA] - Captain of the U.A.F. Courage. She has been Captain for only 14 days when Star Action begins. She is medium height and has shoulder-length light brown hair.

Corian [SAS] - Leader of a group of dwarves on Vaug IV who enjoy hunting and mining in the quiet forest. He does not like outsiders.

Cosmic [SA] - An eight-foot Trianian. He is covered with medium-length dark brown hair and, although he walks like a human, he has the appearance of an ape. He wears only boxer-type pants and a gun holster. Cosmic is easy-going and adventure-loving. He looks at rules as guidelines.


Danlayer [DS] - Alias used by Carl.

Danson, Captain William [SAS] - Captain of U.A.F. Gallant - He is 5' 10.” He has dark brown hair and merry, brown eyes. He is 50 years old. Has been travelling through space for almost 30 years.

Dasf [SA] - Title of the military leader of the werewolves.

Davidson, Col. [SA] - The Second-In-Command Security Officer on the U.A. F. Courage.

Deren, Miss [DS] - Mr. Hanak’s personal secretary at the Norta Plant. A sour, grumpy person who is also very efficient.

Dez, Lt. [SA] - The Commanding Science Officer on the U.A.F. Courage.

Diabolos [Multiple] - El's enemy, the one who brought evil into the universe.

Durron Brothers [DS] - A trio of hitmen.

Durron, Bac [DS] - An expert marksman.

Durron, Dac [DS] - An explosives expert.

Durron, Rac [DS] - An expert tracker.


El [Multiple] - God.

Eler [Multiple] - A believer in El.

Elniyn [Multiple] - God’s Son.

El Pneuma [Multiple] - The Spirit of God.

Ewern - A race noted for their strength and deadliness, but not intelligence. They look like an overgrown spider about four feet tall. They have a hairless, oval body and round head set directly on their shoulders. Eyes are on all sides of their head so that they can see in almost every direction simultaneously. They walk on two long, skinny legs and have four arms that look like bones with rubbery skin stretched over them. They have a forked tongue with hard tips. The tips can inject a deadly poison which could kill in less than five minutes. Stun blasts do not seem to affect them and it even takes several kill shots to bring them down.


Faravian [SAS] - A person from the country of Faravan on the planet Horshore. They turn a slight shade of green when scared. Normally they are a light purple colour.

Flynn, Rev. Jack [SA] - Commanding Chaplain and Co-Captian of the U.A.F. Courage. He is a tall, slender man of sixty-seven years or so with silvery hair. He runs his hands through his hair and strokes his chin when he is thinking. He was the Battle Commander over a fleet of starships in the Tricot Wars.


Garvin [SA] - A Security man

Goodwin, Janet [SA] - She is from the planet Axin and is 18 years old with blue eyes. She is Peter’s older sister. She has begun studying to become an Interstellar Patrol Officer.

Goodwin, Peter [SA] - He is from the planet Axin and is 17 years old. He is Janet’s brother.

Grant, Commander [SA] - Courage Fleet Commander responsible for all the Flyers and Shuttles.


Hanak, Mr. [DS] - A Tricotian who is the manager of the Norta Factory. He must have weighed 250 pounds, most of which was collected around his waist. His face was round and friendly with twinkling eyes. Instead of wearing the customary suit, he was dressed casually and comfortably. Everything about him gave a strong impression, unrealistically strong, of a merry middle-aged man.

Hangun [DS] - The violent leader of a fraction of the U.R.’s and the commander of a medium-sized spaceship, a Tackle II.

Hankan [DCD] - Security Commander on the U.A.F. Gallant

Hart, Pastor [SAS] - Pastor of Langish’s church before they moved to the U.A.F. Gallant.

Holkin, General [CD] - A Tricotian General stationed on Sheowl.


Intellaleti - A general term for a being with soul and spirit made in the image of El.


Jeran, Mr. [SAS] - a Faravian.

Johnson, Lt. [SA] - Commander in charge of navigation on the U.A.F. Courage

Judge of the Universe [Multiple] - A Title of El.


Kana. Dr. [SA] - He is 40 years old. The top of his head is bald but has brown hair with a few traces of gray semi-circling his head. He is Chief Medical Officer on UAF Courage and a firm believer in El.

Kencel [SA] - A werewolf.

Kilnow [DS] - He is a professional hit man who is about 40 years old. He has prematurely gray hair and his cold, black eyes are set in a weather-beaten face. His hands are calloused, but the fingernails were neatly trimmed back. A cruel scar runs down his cheek where a slicerblade had touched it long ago. He normally wears a gun strapped in low in gunslinger fashion on his hip.

Knight Commander [DS] - The man in charge of the Knight and a member of the Council Of The Twelve. The Knight Commander had a strong yet gentle face and soft, green eyes.


Ladseer, Ambassador [DS] - An alias used by Purr.

Langlish, Sandy [SAS] - She is 13 years old and has moved from the planet Maxon to live on the starship, U.A.F. Gallant. Her parent’s apartment is on level 45. She has shoulder-length, light-brown hair. She has a quick temper but is just as quick to apologize and try to make things right. Her belief and reliance on El have gotten her the nickname: Preacher.

Langlish, Scott [SAS] - He is 14 years old and has moved from the planet Maxon to live on the starship, U.A.F. Gallant. His parent’s apartment is on level 45. Scott has dark brown hair. He has a crush on Janna, their neighbour.

Langlish, Mr. [SAS] - He owns a furniture store on the U.A.F. Gallant. He lives with his wife and two children in an apartment on level 45. He moved from the planet Maxon.

Langlish, Mrs. [SAS] - She lives on U.A.F. Gallant with her husband and two children in an apartment on level 45. She moved from the planet Maxon.

Lee, Col. [SA] - Commander in charge of Engineering on board the U.A.F. Courage.

Lewis, Dick [SAS]- He is 13 years old and the next-door neighbour to Langlish's on level 45 of the U.A.F. Gallant. His hair was a dark brown and has freckles dotted over his face. Easygoing, puts on a carefree attitude. Favourite word is: pulverize.

Lewis, Janna [SAS] - She is 15 years old and next-door neighbour to Langlish's on level 45 of the U.A.F. Gallant. She has long dark hair and dazzling green eyes. She can be emotional and quick-tempered.

Lewis, Mr. Tom [SAS] - He is the next-door neighbour to Langlish's on level 45 of the U.A.F. Gallant. He is married and has two children. He is part of the three-man security team for level 45.

Lewis, Mrs. [SAS] - She is the next-door neighbour to Langlish's on level 45 of the U.A.F. Gallant. She is about 40 years old and is a tall, slender woman with short, black hair. She is married and has two children.


Master Cessann [DS] - A teacher at the Knight Training Center.

Master Jaran [DS] - A teacher at the Knight Training Center.

Master Jon [DS] - A teacher at the Knight Training Center.

Master Roln [DS] - A teacher at the Knight Training Center.

Master Roollin [DS] - A teacher at the Knight Training Center.

Mowson, Dan [DS] - An alias used by Carl Nelson to hide from the Tricotians.


Nelson, Carl [DS] - He is a teenager with light brown eyes and short brown hair. He attends a fancy boarding school. He is a nephew to Lord Nelson. He is 16 at the beginning of DS and 19 went sent on his first mission.

Nelson, Lord [DS] - He is Carl Nelson's powerful uncle and one of the Emperor's top advisors.


Otto, Clp [SAS] - Interstellar patrol officer.


Phil [DS] - A Knight admittance officer.

Polking [DS] - A low-level smuggler and gun-runner. He wears a gun on his right hip in a low gunslinger fashion. He made the mistake of beating up the son of a U.R. leader and is now on the run. Purr once hired his ship for a 'simple' trip but they had ended up rescuing a kidnapped prince from the heavily guarded island of Redunya on Vaug II.

Purr [DS]- A Knight. He is feline intellaleti. He has pure black short fur covering his 5-foot 4-inch body, a long, thin tail and short, pointed ears. His paws are like hands with long fingers, except the pads were leathery skin. Razor-sharp, retractable claws can come from his fingers. He also has light-green eyes with black cat-like pupils. He wears a low gun belt around his waist. He likes to call Carl "kitten" and is fond of the expressions: Blow my whiskers, on the other paw.


Rasiner, Flynn [DS] - Alias for Purr.

Renny [DS] - A Knight admittance officer.

Rillian, John [SAS] - A villain with a large moustache.


Sam [SA] - A werewolf.

Sheowlian - From the planet Sheowl.

Sheowlian King [DS]- an elderly man seated on a massive throne which seemed to engulf him. Although the king had outward signs of age, there was also a strong impression of strength and health.

Sokin [DS] - A criminal killed by Purr.

Soran [SAS] - One of a group of dwarves on Vaug IV who enjoy hunting and mining in the quiet forest. He is younger and kinder than the others.

Stanton, Lt. [SA] - Commander of Onboard Weapons And Defence on the U.A.F. Courage.

Stathern, Ambassador [DS] - The Tricotian ambassador on Sheowl.

Stern, Lt. [SAS] - A tall, skinny man who looks like he is in his mid-forties. He is a Security Investigator and a superior to Sgt. Walter.

Stormer [SA] - A Centaur with a horse’s body of chestnut brown. His human chest was covered in hair of the same colour and he has a full beard. He is a Flyer pilot on the UAF Courage.


Tanner, Norm [DS] - Alias used by Carl.

The Boss [SA] - Captain of the U.R. Death. He is a middle-aged man with a hawk-like nose and big bushy eyebrows. He wears a low slung gun strapped to his right leg. He likes to dress flamboyantly.

Tifter [SA] - A member of the Security Elite assigned to Captain Caspian.

Tricot - An empire which borders the El Empire and has been at war with them in the past.

Tricotians - Broad term for people who live in the Empire of Tricot.

Tricotian Security Police - The police wore dark grey uniforms with a patch on the shoulder showing a serpent coiled around a sword which was dripping with blood.


United Raiders [Multiple] - A vast criminal organization with a reputation for cruelty.


Walter, Sgt. SAS] - The Security man in charge of security for level 45 on the U.A.F. Gallant. He has two security men under him.

Warder [DS] - A knight who was 8 feet tall but basically human in appearance except for a slight green tint in his skin. A former partner of Purr.

Williams, Lt. Grace [SAS] - The Commanding Science Officer on the U.A.F. Courage. Lt. Williams’ slender 4’ 7” form was covered with short reddish hair with striking white markings. A bushy tail with a white tip swished behind her. Her head with its long nose, whiskers and pointed ears gave her a decidedly fox-like appearance.

Wassin, Miss [DS] - The Sheowlian receptionist at the Norta plant.


Xto, Lt. - A faun. From the waist up he looks like a young man except for two horns, one on each side of his forehead. Below the was it he is shaped like a goat with a rather long tail that he likes to swish around. He also has a short pointed beard. He is in charge of the U.A.F. Courage’s communications.


Zeloleth, King [SAS] - A brutal warlord.


Bodget - A small furry animal, very fast and hard to shoot, but considered a delicacy.

Mirkinger - A cold, slimy fish. Sometimes used as an insult.

Onder - An animal which lives on Vaug IV. They grow to about 4 feet and are covered with short, coarse hair. They have two small horns on the forehead and razor-sharp teeth with two fangs in their snout. They will attack if they think someone is trespassing in their territory.

Stinger Jasger - A fat, three-inch long, furry insect. It has a single eye in the center of its head and short, colourless wings. Its body is a striped dull blue and gray. One sting is fatal and each one has between seven and ten stings before its own death.

Wampa- An ugly, low- intelligent creature from the planet Gredan.


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