Codename: Dragonslayer

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This is the Title Page, Table Of Contents and Prologue for Codename: Dragonslayer.  Use the contact button to send me your opinions for future revisions.

Chapter Titles

1. No Matter What Happens

2. Death Target

3. A Knight

4. Ewern Danger

5. United Raiders

6. "I Want To Be A Knight"

7. Hitmen Arrive

8. Trapped

9. Fighting Back

10. Knight Training Center

11. The Mission

12. Into The Dragon's Mouth

13. Mountain Secret

14. The Challenge

15. Evacuation

16. The Price Of Freedom

17. Escape?

18. Execute On Sight

19. Patience

20. Face-To-Face With The Emperor

21. A Traitor Unmasked


A fist slammed on a desktop so hard a computer monitor jumped, and a coffee cup bounced perilously close to the edge as it spilled some of its hot contents on the desk.  Rage contorted the man’s reddening face.

“He saw that?” shouted the angry voice.  A wavering finger pointed to a screen hanging on the wall, displaying building blueprints.

“I…I…don’t know,” came a scared whimper from a male servant.  “He was only in here a few seconds.  I just went out to get a fresh coffee for your return.  He was by your desk when I came back.  I escorted him out immediately.”

The man leaned back in his chair, taking deep breaths.  His eyes continued to stare at the blueprint on the wall screen.  Slowly his face began to return to its normal colour.

“He saw it,” he said, blowing out a deep breath.  “He had to.”

“But he doesn’t know what it means.”

“Not now.  But he’s a smart boy.  He could put it together when things start to happen.”

“Very unlikely, sir,” came a soothing tone.  “You are above reproach.”

“We can’t take that chance.  Any slip over the next few years and everything will be ruined.”  He shook his head, “No, he must die.”


The expression on the man’s face went stone hard.  His voice was cruel and determined, “Find a hitman, and make it happen.”

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