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What Did Jesus Do? - Ray Comfort

by Glenn

What Did Jesus Do?

What Did Jesus Do?

Jesus called His disciples to be fishers of men, but how did Jesus evangelize? What method did the disciples use to spread the Good News? Ray Comfort looks at modern evangelism compared to how Jesus and the apostles shared the faith in his small book What Did Jesus Do? Human nature never changes, so if we want the early church's success, we need to understand the method that the early church used.

Ray Comfort contends that many modern methods may increase the number of people attending church without bringing them to genuine salvation. Are we giving people false hope? Are we letting them think that they are saved and safe when they are still walking in darkness? How did Jesus handle this?

The tool that God has given us in evangelism is the Law of God. It is the Law of God that exposes our sin and makes us confront the Holy God. The Law of God is the method the Holy Spirit uses to bring conviction. Without genuine conviction, there can be no genuine repentance. And without genuine repentance, there is no salvation, only self-deception. The basic principle that Ray Comfort brings out is that to the repentant, grace is preached; to the self-satisfied and hard-hearted, the Law of God is preached.

Unfortunately, many Christians despise the Law of God or relegate it to the distant past. They have rejected the God-given, God-blessed tool of evangelism. In What Did Jesus Do? Ray Comfort examines how Jesus and the apostles used the Law of God to bring conviction and led people to the Saviour. To succeed, we need to understand and copy What Jesus and the apostles did.

As you may imagine, Ray Comfort is not a friend of friendship evangelism. He points out that it is often harder to share the Gospel with people who are close to us because we have a higher emotional risk if rejected. No one likes to be rejected by family and friends. Sharing the Gospel with people we are not close to represents a lower emotional risk. If they reject us we may be embarrassed, but the pain of rejection is lower.

I am not sure I agree with everything Ray Comfort presents in What Did Jesus Do?. But I found it a challenging and thought-provoking book. I would recommend that every serious Christian read it and consider its message. Then you will be able to weigh its merits for yourself.

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