Star Action 2:
Song Of The Universe

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Chapter Titles


Chapter One:  Startling News 

Chapter Two:  Sam And The Mystery Man

Chapter Three:  Planning The Return To Tergonta

Chapter Four:  Death In The Family

Chapter Five:  Council Of The Officers

Chapter Six:  Crash Landing

Chapter Seven:  I Love You Anyway

Chapter Eight:  Another Murder

Chapter Nine:  Trapped By Werewolves 

Chapter Ten:  Imelek And Sam?

Chapter Eleven:  The Fate Of Rev. Flynn

Chapter Twelve:  From Bad To Worse

Chapter Thirteen:  Abandoned By The Courage

Chapter Fourteen:  Some Answers

Chapter Fifteen:  Facing Down The Tricotians

Chapter Sixteen:  Kill Them!

Chapter Seventeen:  Rescue

Chapter Eighteen:  Staying On Tergonta


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