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Questioning The Bible: 11 Major Challenges To The Bible’s Authority by Jonathan Morrow

The Bible’s authenticity and authority are under attack like never before. In some circles, it is a hated, evil book that keeps people from reaching their true potential; in other circles, it is seen as a collection of fairy stories, myths and history - but who can say where one stops and another begins? Few now doubt that Jesus actually existed, but many question how we can know what the real Jesus was like. And how about those other ‘Gospels’? Don’t they paint a different picture than the one ‘approved’ by the established church? Is Christianity really full of deception and lies?

In his book, Questioning The Bible: 11 Major Challenges To The Bible’s Authority, Jonathan Morrow tacks 11 tough questions head-on. He explains the charges that people commonly make against the Scriptures or Christian beliefs and then looks at the answers from a consistently Biblical worldview. Christians do not have to be afraid of tough questions, nor should they try to avoid them or downplay them. Sometimes our teenagers or young adults turn away from the faith when they encounter doubters because we have never taught them what the objections to Christianity are and what the Biblical answers are. We need answers, and people like Jonathan Morrow can help us to see and think clearly about current issues.

The 11 Challenges that Jonathan Marrow confronts are:

1. Is The Bible Anti-Intelluctual?

2. What Can We Really Know About Jesus?

3. How Do We Know What The Earliest Christians Believed?

4. Why Were Some Gospels Banned From The Bible?

5. Did The Biblical Writers Lie About Their Identity?

6. Has The Biblical Text Been Corrupted Over The Centuries?

7. Are The Gospels Full Of Contradictions?

8. Is The Bible Unscientific?

9. Is The Bible Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, And Genocidal?

10. What Do Christians Believe About The Bible?

11. Which Interpretation Of The Bible Is Correct?

As you can see, Mr. Morrow covers much ground. This book does an excellent job of explaining the issues and answering these questions. One thing that people looking for serious answers must realize is that any fool can pull Scripture from context and make a short, mocking ‘sound bite.’ There is no shortage of these on the Internet. Truthful answers take time and study.

This thought-provoking book is well worth reading. There is no reason for any Christian to be embarrassed by anything the Bible teaches once they know basic rules for interpretation and how to logically apply a consistently Biblical worldview.

“If you are breathing, then you have questions. But what do we do about them? And what happens when questions about God, the Bible, or Christianity turn into doubts? Real Christians aren’t supposed to doubt, are they? Unfortunately this is a common misunderstanding in many churches, and tragically many young Christians are growing up without a safe place to ask the tough questions and wrestle with their doubts…After years of study and investigation I have become convinced that Christianity is not a hopelessly outdated superstition that only the uneducated and gullible believe. It is entirely reasonable to believe that God has spoken in the Bible…Drifting is easy, but seeking is hard work. The journey of faith will require courage, effort, and diligence.” Jonathan Morrow in Questioning The Bible.

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