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Living As Salt And Light by Derek Prince

I found this book by Derek Prince to be challenging. He lays the responsibility for the course of nations at the feet of Christians. If we do not become the salt and light that God intended us to be, then the nations will go into darkness. If we will pray and follow God’s plan, we can change the destiny of nations. Derek Prince provides some personal examples of this.

The book clearly and systematically presents Biblical evidence for what we must do and how it must be done. Yet it is written in an easy-to-understand and apply style. He beings by laying a solid foundation on our position in Christ, our privilege to work with God and our responsibility to the world that God loves. He points out that God’s people are the only factor that restrains the judgment and wrath of God on a rebellious world.

In the second part of the book, He moves into the area of engaging in spiritual warfare and the fact that Satan is trying very hard to keep us from realizing the truth of our position in Christ. Derek Prince establishes from Scripture who we are in Christ and what that means in practical application.

The third part of Living As Salt And Light focuses on spiritual weapons, especially prayer and fasting. It is pointed out that a Triumph is different from a Victory. A Triumph is the celebration of Victory. Jesus Christ has already won the victory; we are invited into the Triumphant celebration! This chapter also points out that we cannot be a powerhouse of prayer if we are not right in our relationships with other people. In line with that, we have to realize that we use spiritual weapons to administer the victory Christ has already won, not to advance personal adgendas.

In the fourth part, Derek Prince moves on to the spiritual weapons of the Authority of the Word and the Blood of Jesus. In this chapter, he points out that we are to be witnesses to Jesus Christ, not to an experience or a denomination. The focus must always be on Jesus.

This is an excellent, well-balanced book for anyone wanting clear instruction on the purpose and goal of the Christian life. Many of the principles are foundational, but in this age many foundation stones have been forgotten. Even for the mature Christian, Living As Salt And Light is a good refresher and reminder of the life we can and should be living in Christ to reach and change the world.

We can be history changers through Jesus Christ.

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