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Finding God In Unexpected Places by Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey is always a challenging and interesting writer. Finding God In Unexpected Places searches for God in places where we would not normally think to look. If God is at work everywhere, then He can be found in the most unlikely places.

In this book, Philip Yancey tells many stories and shares many observations and experiences as he has travelled around the world. From the slums of Chicago to Russia to the worst prisons of South America to North American churches, we see what he has seen. His experiences and thoughts challenge us to see the world as God sees it. From wealth to poverty, from Russia to the United States, from blessings to disasters, God is everywhere. Do we have eyes to see it?

Philip Yancey breaks his book up into seven parts.

Part One: Finding God Without Really Looking

From health clubs to sexual practices to the Creation story, God keeps appearing where He is not expected. If we looked for God, we would find Him everywhere.

Part Two: Finding God On The Job

In this section, Philip Yancey pulls back the curtain, and we get glimpses into his experiences as a writer. It can be discouraging to see others helping people for the kingdom of God while you sit and click. Yet God is moving through those who are quiet as well as those who are active. However, from the many experiences shared in this book, we can see that Mr. Yancey is far from inactive!

Part Three: Finding God In The Rubble

Philip Yancey was able to go to Ground Zero at the trade centre collapse. In this part, we see God at work even there and in the events spreading out from it. How does the rest of the world see Americans? How can Christians and Muslims interact?

Part Four: Finding God In A Fractured Society

A look at seeing God in both the poverty and political structures of our time.

Part Five: Finding God Among The Headlines

Thoughts about Russia and life in communist nations as well as a look at the AIDS problem in Africa. Where is God in it all?

Part Six: Finding God In The Cracks

In the slums of Chicago and difficult places, faith shows up in the most unexpected people and circumstances. Are we really prepared to accept the “scandal of unconditional grace?”

Part Seven: Finding God Within The Church

God’s grace is at work even in the worst prisons in the world. There prisoners meet to worship the God Who loves them as prisons are turned into churches. The North American Church has to learn to strive for holiness while learning to relax in grace. It is a hard balance to find.

This is an excellent book and well worth the time to read. You will be challenged with Philip Yancey’s thought-provoking insights.

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