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Faith On Trial - Martyn Lloyd-Jones

by Glenn

Faith On Trial

Faith On Trial

Why do Christians suffer while, many times, the ungodly seem to prosper? This question has plagued true believers probably since Abel's murdered body was found. Life often seems unfair. God sometimes seems unjust. Things just don't seem to work the way they should work! It is the old 'Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people' dilemma.

The man who wrote Psalm 73 faced this question. He looked around and saw the wicked prospering and living lives of ease while he suffered and struggled. It was unfair! He became so consumed by this idea that it almost destroyed his faith. Do you know people today who have walked away from the faith because they became disillusioned with God? Did they abandon Christianity because of some tragedy in their lives that they blamed God for...or, at least, thought He should have prevented it? How about you? Have you ever felt like walking away from the faith because of circumstances in your life or the lives of family and friends?

Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones, one of the best Bible expositors of modern times, takes a detailed look at Psalm 73 in his book, Faith on Trial. In his usual thorough way, he dissects this chapter and gives us a clear understanding and the principles to follow when we fall into the trap of thinking that life or God is unfair. The Psalmist worked through his feelings of anger and discouragement until he came to the place where he could say, "God is good to Israel." In this book, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones helps us to walk the same path until we, too, can say 'Truly God is good all the time." When we think God is unfair or unloving, we are looking from a limited human perspective. We don't see the entire picture. The devil is delighted when he can use this as a wedge between God and us. It is a trap. Read Faith on Trial to spring the trap and be set free.

If you are struggling in this area, I highly recommend you get a copy of this book, Faith On Trial, by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It will help you work through the hazy clouds of confusion to bring you to a clear understanding of the truth. I know this is an older book, but Truth and Godly principles never change. Let yourself be refreshed through these words of encouragement.

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