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The Disappearance Of Captain Danson

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Chapter Two
Captain Danson?

Sandy was thoughtful during breakfast that day. After breakfast, the Langlish family had a devotional time. During that time, each person took a turn reading from the Book of El, then they would discuss the passage, and someone would pray. After that, they discussed anything special that had happened or that they had planned for the day.

It was during this time Sandy told them about her dream. They all discussed it for a few minutes, knowing since dreams are often in a language of their own, they can be challenging to understand. The consensus was that Sandy’s dream meant she would face some kind of difficult problem, but if she did the right thing, Elniyn would protect her from all harm. Then Mr. and Mrs. Langlish and Scott placed their hands on her and said a special prayer. After which, Mr. Langlish left for work. Scott and Sandy settled down to do their school work, and Mrs. Langlish prepared to act as both teacher and homemaker.

Mrs. Langlish let Scott and Sandy out of school a little early so Sandy could take her brownies up to Captain Danson before three o’clock. She put the brownies in a small box and skipped down the hall to the ElLift.

“Slow down,” complained Scott.

“Well, hurry up then,” said Sandy, holding the ElLift door open for him.

The ElLift only went as far as the level below the top floor. They had to walk down several halls to reach the special ElLift that went to the top floor, where Main Control was located.

Sandy’s heart was beating wildly as they entered the final ElLift. Not many people, except high-ranking officers, ever went to the top level. It was the smallest level because the only rooms on it were the Main Control (where the officers ran the starship), the Captain and Co-Captain’s offices, a conference room, and, of course, a bathroom.

As they stepped off the ElLift, a security man stood in front of them. He wore the standard red and black security uniform except for a gold stripe on the outside seam of his pants. He was a member of the Security Elite. This branch of the Security department was responsible for the safety of the captain and senior officers.

“Can I help you?” he asked politely.

“We’re here to see Captain Danson if he’s not too busy,” said Scott. “He said Sandy could come up and bring him some of her brownies.”

The security man seemed a little confused, but all he said was, “Follow me.”

He led them down the short hall to a door on the left. Scott looked longingly at the door at the end of the hall. It was only a few feet away, yet behind that door was Main Control. How he would love to get a look inside and see all the officers busy running the Gallant.

The security man pressed the intercom beside the door.

“Captain Danson, there are two children here to see you.”

Sandy was much too excited to be resentful at being called a child. Besides Captain Danson would know better.

There was a moment’s hesitation. Then a slightly startled voice replied, “Send them in.”

The security man pressed a button. As the door slid noiselessly into the wall, he stood aside to allow them to enter. The only other time they had been in the captain’s office was when they had been rescued from Vaug IV. Then they had been too excited and relieved to take in much.

Captain Danson’s office was a large room painted in a light, relaxing blue. A few paintings hung on the walls. They showed peaceful scenes with plenty of trees, streams, and animals. Captain Danson even had a few small statues of animals spread tastefully around his office. A private bathroom was off to the right. They saw Captain Danson sitting behind a large semi-circular desk with a computer tablet in his hands.

There were two other people in the room. One was a blond-haired man with blue eyes, dressed in civilian clothes. He was standing to the left of Captain Danson. The other, standing on his right, they recognized as Lt. Grace Williams, the Senior Science Officer. Lt. Williams’ slender 4’ 7” form was covered with short reddish hair with striking white markings. A bushy tail with a white tip swished behind her. Her head, with its long nose, whiskers, and pointed ears, gave her a decidedly fox-like appearance.

All three people had turned to look as Scott and Sandy entered the room. There was a thin, professional smile on the captain’s lips.

“What can I do for you?” he asked.

He seemed surprised to see them; although, he tried hard not to show it. Scott wondered for a minute if Sandy had only imagined her conversation with Captain Danson the day before.

“My sister baked some brownies for you, Sir,” said Scott, not quite sure of what he should say.

Sandy stepped up to the desk. With a smile, she handed the container to Captain Danson, “They’re the Rovern Brownies we talked about. I brought some of them for you.”

“Thank you, young lady, they’re my favourite.” Captain Danson rose and offered his hand to Sandy.

Sandy froze. Her mind trying to grasp what she was feeling. Ever since she had stepped into the office, she had felt something was wrong. They had talked several times. Now, Captain Danson didn’t even seem to know her name.

Scott nudged her to shake hands. Sandy’s eyes travelled from the hand to Captain Danson’s eyes. Then she knew. She didn’t know how she knew, but she knew.

“You’re not Captain Danson!” she blurted out.

The room went silent as a grave. All eyes stared at Sandy in astonishment. They were too shocked to speak.

At last, Captain Danson found his voice, “Of course, I’m Captain Danson. We’ve met before,” he paused as if thinking, then went on, “Miss Langlish. You and your friends were a great help to us in uncovering the plot against Mr. Tern.”

Sandy shook her head slowly and swallowed hard. “You’re not Captain Danson,” she repeated firmly.

“Well, who do you think I am?”

“I don’t know, but you are not Captain Danson,“ she said for the third time. “Where is he? Have you hurt him?”

“Mr. Langlish,” said Captain Danson addressing Scott, “I think you had better take your sister home. She’s obviously not feeling well.”

Scott nodded, pulling Sandy toward the door, “I’m sorry, Captain.”

“That’s ok,” said Captain Danson with a smile. “We all make mistakes… and thanks for the brownies.”

When the door closed behind Scott and Sandy, Captain Danson turned to Lt. Williams, “What just happened here must remain confidential. I cannot have false accusations and rumours spreading.”

“Of course, Captain,” she said, picking up the tablet from where it had been laid on the desk and handing it back to Captain Danson.

Captain Danson took it. He signed it. As he handed it back, he said, “I want you to run an immediate DNA scan on myself and all senior officers in Main Control.”

“That’s not due for another six months, Sir,” replied Lt. Williams.

“I want it run now… today. If anything comes of this, I want concrete evidence that it is false.”

“Yes, Captain.” Lt. Williams turned to leave.

As she was opening the door, Captain Danson added, “When my scan is complete, I want you to personally take the results down to the Langlish family. Judge, and report to me alone how well they accept it.”

“Yes, Captain.” With a swish of her bushy tail, she was gone.

Captain Danson turned to the blond-haired man, “I don’t like this. It could spoil everything.”

The cool blue eyes of the blond-haired man appeared thoughtful, “This could work in our favour. The scan will prove that you are Captain Danson. We were wondering how to get the scan done early and on record, now that is taken care of.”

“That girl and her brother foiled our assassination attempt last year. I think she’s trouble.”

“We’ll see how she reacts to the scan. If she is going to be trouble, we’ll take care of her.”

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