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Alien Intrusion - Gary Bates

I have been interested in science fiction since I first saw Star Trek. The idea of life on other planets, the mystery of UFOs, the secrets of advanced technologies and more are fascinating.

But is it just fiction, or is there a reality behind it? Too many people have seen UFOs or experienced alien abductions to pass it off. Certainly, most incidents are either frauds or are explained by natural occurrences. Still, some haunt the imagination and escape explanation.

“But despite the myriad of explanations, too many ordinary people with far more to lose than to gain by telling fanciful stories go to their graves, never resiling from their accounts of the events. There is no question that something mysterious, quite real, and very serious is going on.” Gary Bates in Alien Intrusion.

In his book Alien Intrusion, Gate Bates examines the facts. He looks at the issues theologically, scientifically and logically. He doesn’t miss anything from crop circles to Area 51 to Roswell. He exposes the frauds and conspiracy theories while seriously examining the genuinely unexplained.

The belief in visitors from other planets has moved from being a fringe belief to mainstream culture. Gary Bates examines why this is, how the belief in UFOs expanded and what this means for the Christian. How does all this fit in with a Christian worldview? Does the Bible confirm - or, at least, leave the possibility open - for life on other planets? Is it even scientifically possible to travel around the universe?

What about alien abductions? Something real is happening. People have been traumatized and had their lives altered by these experiences. Are they really being taken to alien spaceships or planets and experimented on? Gate Bates digs to discover the truth.

This book is very well-written and covers the subject answering many questions and exposing lies. Although detailed, it is easy to read and entertaining, with many illustrations and examples. Those who want to dig further will find many reference notes to confirm what was written and take them deeper into the subject.

Who is this book for? Anyone - Christian or non-Christian - who has an interest in the subject of aliens and UFOs will find this book well worth reading. Whether you agree with the author’s conclusions or not, you will enjoy Alien Intrusion. Because the idea of life on other planets and visitors from outer space has become mainstream, Christians not overly interested in this topic should also read this book. They need to be aware of the thoughts and beliefs of many people they rub shoulders with. They need to understand the issues and have logical answers for those with questions.

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