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Sample Chapter from
How To Know God Loves You

copyright 2021 by Glenn Davis

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Chapter Two
Reality Or Fantasy?

Everyone Can Learn To Read

Before we look at what went wrong, we need to take a moment to understand the difference between Fantasy and Reality. While it may seem obvious, we live in a world that values fantasy over reality. People buy into the illusion that they can create their own reality. They believe that whatever they want, they can make it happen. Unfortunately for them, that fantasy bubble will eventually burst. Let me illustrate…

Let’s say Shane is up in an airplane getting ready to go skydiving. He is excited as he gets ready for his first jump ever. Shane believes that he can define his own reality. He believes that he can choose the consequences for his actions. Therefore, he intends to jump out of the airplane without a parachute. He fully believes that, since he can define his own reality, he can have a thrilling jump and land safely at the bottom. He can live in this fantasy bubble in the airplane. He can even continue to believe in it on the way down, but eventually that fantasy will burst to his ultimate destruction.

As foolish as this example may seem, you have only to look around you to see ordinary people as well as judges, politicians, and others who think they can create their own reality. For awhile it may seem to work; however, they will meet with the ground sooner or later.

Shane believed that he could redefine the Law of Gravity for his own pleasure. When Shane met the ground, was the Law of Gravity at fault? Is the Law of Gravity a bad thing? Of course not. It keeps us from flying off the earth, and makes movement on earth possible. If, instead of living in a fantasy bubble, Share had worked with the Law of Gravity [in combination with other Laws] and put on a parachute, he could have had an exhilarating and reasonably safe experience.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17, NIV

I bring this up for your consideration because, as we saw in the last chapter, God desires to give you every good thing, to have you enjoy life. Pain, sickness, poverty, loneliness, depression, frustration, etc. is not His will for you… or anyone else. It is not how He created the world. It is not what He made you for. Yet, at the moment, no one experiences the perfect will of God based on the original design for their lives; however, some are closer to it than others.

Obviously, something happened. We can choose to live in a fantasy world of denial if we want. It may satisfy us in the airplane and on the way down, but it will not end well. It is much better to discover Truth and Reality and learn to work with them. Ultimately, we cannot change them any more than would a government declaring snow to be illegal actually stop it from falling!

I assume you are reading this book because deep down inside you want to know if God loves you or not. The circumstances of your life may be shouting at you that He doesn’t care, that He is ignoring you, punishing you, or is just actively against you. This may be a result of your own actions, what others have done to you, uncontrollable events, or any combination of them.

You ask yourself: If God loves me, why did He let this happen? If God is all-powerful and cares, why didn’t He stop it? Why does it seem that everything thing I do fails? The emotions run strong and deep. You may feel rejected and unloved.

If we are going to discover and live in Reality, we have to be willing to look for and accept Truth, whether we like it or not. At one time, Jesus said some difficult to understand things and many of His disciples decided to leave Him. In fact, so many abandoned Him that He asked His core group of twelve if they were going to leave as well. Peter spoke up, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.  We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.” John 6:68-69, NIV

In other words, Peter was saying to Jesus, “You are the only One we can trust to show us reality, so we are staying with You, whether we understand and like what you are saying or not.” Discovering and living in Reality was more important to Peter than the temporary pleasures and ignorance of a fantasy bubble. How about you? Will you commit to discovering and living in Reality, even if you don’t always like it, or will you retreat into the temporary comfort of a fantasy bubble, thinking you can create things how you want them to be? Your decision, but ultimately you cannot choose the consequences.

In a future chapter, I will show you how you can know God loves you, right where you are and unconditionally. But, first, we have to look at why God’s original and perfect plan for you did not happen.

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