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Codename: Dragonslayer
Prologue [Choice Two]

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“Secure Room.  Call Fixer.”  

A lone man sat behind a polished hardwood desk in a high-back leather chair.  He was broad-shouldered, and even his professional suit could not hide a muscular form.  His hooded eyes stared at a computer screen as he drummed his fingers on the desktop waiting for the call to be answered.  

His office was large and richly decorated with tapestries, portraits of past Emperors, bookshelves, plush carpet and a large view screen behind a conference table.  The conference table was surrounded by ten chairs floating about six inches off the floor, which would automatically adjust their height to whoever sat in them.  Painted on the ceiling was the symbol of the El Empire, two transparent hands holding a galaxy.  One of the El Empire’s renowned artists, Don Wernt, had spent two years painting it.

Everyone Can Learn To Read

The El Empire was a vast collection of planets and member countries which looked to the God, El, as their ultimate leader and the Book of El as the foundation of all law and order.  The Emperor was His physical representative.

“Fixer here.”  The sound was clear and crisp, although no speakers were visible for this audio-only call. 

“There is a problem.  He may have seen the blueprint on the monitor.  I was called out momentarily, and he was sitting at my desk waiting for me when I returned.”

“That is a serious problem.  How did he get into your office?”

“I granted him my security pass today so he could tour the palace; I forgot it included my office.”

“Our partners will not be happy.”

“It doesn’t concern them.  You will eliminate the problem.”

“You want him dead?”

“And his bodyguard.  No witnesses.  There is no other way.  I will make sure they have a stop on Hesnortor.”

“I know just the man.”

“I want insurance.  Have a backup plan.”

“This man doesn’t miss even well-secured targets.  An unarmed civilian is a non-issue.”

“Have a backup plan anyway.  There is too much at stake.”

There was a pause, then the voice said, “You’re the one paying for it.”

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