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Background For The
El Empire

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My name is Chief Scribe Jashar.  For over a thousand years, my family has been chroniclers of the mighty El Empire.  Over a million stories of betrayal and heroism are in our archives, and I will share some of our most precious ones with you.  I know you of The Lost Planet are unaware of our existence and history, although we are your brothers and sisters with a common beginning and salvation.  Let me share a brief history of how things came to be.  If you are dull-witted and uninterested in such things, you may skip to the story's beginning.

Everyone Can Learn To Read

The universe was created about six thousand years ago by our God, El.  He began it on a planet that has since become lost to us and which we call the Lost Planet.  It started with one man named Awdawm and one woman named Chavvah.  We date all our events from this time.  For example, the story you are about to read takes place in the year of Elniyn 6080 or 6,080 years after creation.

All was created perfectly.  Yet in less than a week, Awdawm and Chavvah had rebelled against their perfect Creator, El.  This rebellion introduced evil and death into the previously flawless universe.  Men and women quickly devoted themselves to evil, and as the population grew, so did the wickedness.   However, these humans had incredible intelligence, and in the year of Elniyn 506, space travel was developed.   Six years later, Time Tunnels were discovered.  Time Tunnels connected the Lost Planet with various parts of the universe, allowing people to travel in days in what would otherwise take millions of years.  Thousands of explorers went in all directions, discovering and colonizing many habitable planets. 

Garden Of Eden

In the year of Elniyn 930, the Evil Ones began cruel experiments by mixing the DNA of humans and animals.  From these experiments came the Centaurs, fauns, humanoid animals and more.  This was allowed to go on far too long as good men and women did nothing.  Then, in the year of Elniyn 1466, The Genetic Wars began.  It was a brutal time, but eventually, the Good Ones succeeded in destroying all the laboratories and research that had gone into making the mutants.  However, in their enthusiasm, these Good Ones destroyed almost all technology, including the ability to make spaceships.  This caused a significant backlash as the general population rose in anger against the Good Ones and wiped them out, except for one man.

It was during this time that a man named Noach lived.  With the ascendancy of the Evil Ones and the total violence of the times, El decided to destroy all life on the Lost Planet with a global flood.  Noach warned of this event but was ignored.  In the year of Elniyn 1656, the Lost Planet was covered with water, destroying all human and animal life except Noach’s family and representative animals on a large boat.  Dale Wait escaped in the last surviving spaceship as the flood waters rose.  He began the rumour that the Lost Planet had been destroyed.  This Flood also collapsed the Time Tunnels.  No Time Tunnels are known to exist today.  We believe the Lost Planet still exists. 

Tidal Wave

Some writings from our common time on your Lost planet still exist.  These include The Laws Of Awdawm, given to him after the rebellion, The Wisdom of Chanowk and The Sermons of Noach.  Since our separation, several holy men have written prophecies foretelling a coming Redeemer to bring us back into an intimate relationship with our God, Who has revealed Himself in three Persons: El, Elnyin and El Pneuma.   In the year of Elniyn 4033, after the Day of Darkness, when all light in the universe went out for three hours, the prophecies began to change and declared that the Redeemer had come and died on our behalf and proclaimed a restored relationship with El.  These writings, which stopped in the year of Elniyn 4073, have been collected into a book called the Book of El.  These are considered to be inspired but not inerrant.  We do believe that an inerrant book exists on The Lost Planet where these events transpired.

It never ceases to amaze me how insignificant events and ordinary people can change the course of history.  The story I am about to share, written in the manner of my people, is a case in point.  You may wonder how I am able to transmit this story to you on The Lost Planet, but that is a tale for another day…

Stories From The El Empire.

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